Falta um bocadinho assim [ ]


[será então normal sentir esta espécie de tristeza?]

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  1. Fuck this shit.

    what one may say when frustrated or annoyed to the point that one gives up or no longer wants to complete the task at hand. Usually results in the task not being complteted.

    Man: Please find a word that rhymes with 'orange'.

    Other Man *after an hour of looking*: Man fuck this shit.


  2. 7. a phrase one uses when frustrated or tired of doing a certain thing that isn't working properly or going their way.
    Girl calls guy

    Guy doesn't answer

    Girl texts guy

    Guy doesn't answer

    Girl get annoyed and mad: "FUCK THIS SHIT"


  3. Já somos 3...

    Eu sei...Não ajudei muito...

  4. Mais vale gritares bem alto "Pró Caralho paaaah"

  5. Morcego:
    Eu não digo essas coisas, migo. (blush)